+ We propose a new, empowering art procedure: Ampliative Art.

+ Ampliative Art is an open, equitable and self-sustaining procedure that is based on reciprocity, and is designed to open new prospects for art actors confronted with the limitations and inequalities imposed by the commercial art system.

+ Ampliative Art's initial medium will be web platform “Ampliative", which is under construction and looking for contributors. On the platform, all actors will be able to interact with each other and be part of the process of “crowd-building” and developing Ampliative Art.

+ The Ampliative Art procedure is simple: art actors, be they professional artists or not, can offer their works and make them available via the platform with the intention of enhancing others in some respect. After that, others can voluntarily repay those actors through various types of donations in order to recognise their work and reward the enhancements received from the works offered.

+ When we say that the art actors can enhance others with their offerings, we mean to say that they can augment, deepen or expand worldviews, the knowledge of how do to something or emotional ties through their works and donations.

+ The art works that are invited to form part of Ampliative Art will be all those works, acts, processes, mechanisms or art interventions that are offered with the intention of enhancing others in some respect, and that are created or reproduced digitally in order to be included and exhibited on the web platform.

+ The possible donations in the initial version of the web platform will be: the donation of money, of criticism, of art, or of dissemination.

+ Donations of money will reward the offerings of others through economic contributions; criticism will consist of offering reasoned critiques based on the works and acts of others; donations of art will consist of offering art works that complement or serve to enhance the works previously offered by other actors; dissemination will make the offerings of others known in other media.

+ The ampliative procedure, then, consists of the reciprocal offering of works and donations in a way that develops a self-sustaining circuit of rewards with an eye toward enhancing others.

+ The reasons that might give rise to offerings could be, among others: the consideration that the actors feel for others, the satisfaction of offering the best of oneself to enhance others, or being part of a collaborative process based on a set of ethico-social principles in search of achieving a series of objectives by which to empower ourselves collectively.

+ The main goal of Ampliative Art is to generate and distribute a collective, multidimensional enhancement, that is, to offer all the needed conditions so that all those actors who so wish can create new relations, conditions, states and perspectives in various respects and areas and disseminate them to the greatest number of people possible through their works and donations.

+ The enhancements can be accomplished in different aspects and dimensions so that, for example, the works and donations offered can serve to: expand the worldviews of others, expand other forms of doing and understanding art, improve the economic situation of others through monetary rewards, enhance the procedure itself and its platform, or enhance the ties between the actors through increased involvement and greater mutual understanding.

+ Ampliative Art does not impose a set of criteria to limit what is and what is not enhancing. Rather the actors, through their judgements, criteria and worldviews, establish what is ampliative and, as a result, suitable to be rewarded.

+ The mission of Ampliative Art is to provide the greatest autonomy possible to its actors so they can develop the art they feel is most important. In order to achieve that, our collective task will be to build and develop a self-sustaining and self-governing environment which is as separate as possible from all those structural entities that try to dominate art in their interests, as the art market and its speculative intermediaries do today.

+ The entities that dominate the commercial art system control the mechanisms, the structures, and the intermediation by which of today's art is paid for and circulated. This allows them to impose a set of norms and conventions on art actors in order to get the greatest economic gains possible.

+ These gains, which are based on steep commissions and taking advantage of the work of art actors, are largely going to end up in the pockets of the speculative intermediaries and not with art actors. This makes the commercial system an unequal one which leaves actors in a precarious situation.

+ As a consequence of this, and by demanding a standardisation oriented toward the industrialisation and the commodification of art and its actors, we believe the commercial art system limits the possibilities that art and its actors have to propose new ways of understanding and representing the world.

+ Ampliative Art, on the other hand, is a free and transparent procedure without any type of restriction that works according to the distributive sustainability of its actors, and which seeks to achieve a series of common objectives to reduce and overcome the inequalities and limitations given by the economistic point of view that dominates art.

+ Ampliative Art is proposed as an alternative procedure and critique of the commodification of art and the economic marginalisation of its actors, as its operation consists of enhancing the conditions of art actors so that they can be remunerated for and enhance their art without the speculation or demands imposed by third parties.

+ As Ampliative Art welcomes all those art actors who wish to be part of it, without regard to their artistic stances, we expect that their coming together and debating, through the collective strength of their critical reasoning, will offset and reduce those entities that selfishly try to impose their significations.

+ We believe art actors should not be mere producers and entrepreneurs who produce art for its speculative value, but should rather be fundamental civilising pieces who propose new frameworks for viewing reality and new collective identities with which to represent other possible worlds.

+ The procedure will be carried out on a web platform that will be shaped by an environment encouraging involvement and a set of empowering tools. On it the actors will be able to create the conditions they deem appropriate according to a set of ethical and social principles such as: respect, reciprocity, criticism, artistic freedom, equality and cooperation.

+ Ampliative Art is not simply a procedure where actors will be able to offer their works and reward each other, but also a procedure capable of enhancing itself through the involvement and cooperation of its actors.

+ Ampliative Art is an open, cooperative and decentralised procedure that will be built, maintained and developed by the actors themselves.

+ Given that Ampliative Art will be managed and enhanced through horizontal and distributed governance, the web platform will have a set of features to allow actors to: propose or criticise whatever they want regarding Ampliative Art, monitor the economic and organisational aspects of Ampliative Art, contribute to its construction and enhancement, and take part in decision-making.

+ The idea is to be able, one day, to create other, non-virtual ways to translate Ampliative Art, its principles and benefits, to other public spaces where actors can interact and become involved locally.

+ Ampliative Art’s artistic value lies in bringing together different art actors with diverse worldviews and conceptions of art so that, through debate and the sharing of their offerings, new art forms can emerge to enhance the world.

+ Its ethico-social value comes from the offering of a setting that promotes various dynamics of involvement through which actors can enhance their art and their situations while developing a set of principles that can be extended to other spheres of society.

+ Its politico-economic value lies in opening new prospects for art actors so that they themselves, through a democratic, cooperative and decentralised medium, can carry out and enhance an autonomous and self-sustainable way to project their art and shape other possible worlds.

+ For all these reasons and for that which is to come, we invite all those interested to sign the petition so that Ampliative Art can move forward. Likewise, we also invite everyone to contribute that which they deem appropriate to the building of Ampliative Art and its platform, because only with your involvement and cooperation will we enhance the prospects of art and its actors without out the limits imposed by those who seek to dominate us.