Here is an example of how Ampliative Art would work on its web platform. Note that these are only a few hypothetical examples of the site's possible features.


1. Art actors can create their accounts and galleries for free:



2. They can see the art works exposed by others and make accessible their own:



3. Actors can reward the works of others and be rewarded for their works through various kind of donations:



All art actors can make donations of money to reward the works offered and its creators; make donations of art to complement or enhance the works made by others; offer critiques to enrich the perspectives of the works exposed; and disseminate the art works in other media to increase their chances of being rewarded by other actors.


And later on, all actors will also be able to contribute in developing and enhancing Ampliative Art and its web platform:

  • Offering critiques and proposals to improve them.
  • Discussing the issues concerned with their development.
  • Crowd-building the web platform in the ways they consider best.
  • Disseminating Ampliative Art wherever they want.
  • Supporting the project through donations of money and other kinds of controbutions.
  • Etc.