In Manifesto and FAQ, we conceptually explain what is Ampliative Art, its features and its goals. In Example, we show a first preview of what could be the web platform and we detail some of its features visually. What we are going to try in this site is to give you know a concise overview of the platform and our strategy to build it.




Provide artists from around the world a medium with which they can make known their work, and integrate a set of features with which art actors can develop new forms to remunerate, disseminate, recognize and project their contributions to society.




Art market is an inequitable procedure governed by a set of speculative middlemen who tries to undermine and take advantage of art actors. Ampliative Art proposes improving conditions and prospects of these agents through a reciprocity-based web platform where they can interact and reward each other through other alternative criteria.


  • Generosity/Reciprocity
  • Cooperation
  • Fairness/Equality
  • Art as commons/Free culture/Open knowledge
  • Open source/Free software
  • Transparency/Accountability
  • Decentralized governance
  • Democratic decision-making
  • Income distributed meritocratically 

Key features

  • All actors/users can create their profiles for free
  • Create their own galleries and make their works available
  • Follow and be followed by others
  • Receive notifications
  • Give money donations
  • Comment and criticize the contributions of the community
  • Disseminate the contributions of others
  • Propose exchanges for the works exposed
  • Send direct messages
  • Evaluate the contributions made by others
  • Take part in the decision making of the platform and Ampliative Art
  • Propose new ideas and discuss existing ones
  • Audit the accounts and movements of the organization
  • Increase their community reputation according their contributions
  • Contribute in the construction of the platform and Ampliative Art
  • Check their community reputation and their history
  • Receive distributed income according their community reputation

Tech stack

This is an indicative tech stack only, so it may be modified according to the tools agreed between the actors who want to collaborate in the construction of the platform.

Wish list of integrations

Collaborative tools


Community reputation


All actors who use the platform can increase their community reputation through various types of contributions:

  • Making their art works accesible
  • Collaborating in the construction of the platform
  • Rewarding the work and contributions made by others
  • Evaluating the contributions made by others

The community will stipulate democratically a value for each of those types of contributions. Once the values have been specified, the individual contributions will be calculated on the basis of assessments received by other actors. Therefore, community reputation of each actor/user will be calculated for the contributions they have offered to the community, and the results of the evaluations that these contributions have received from others.


Distributed income


Ampliative Art and its platform will be a non-profit organization. Actors involved can receive income in two ways:

  • Receiving money donations by other actors/users as a reward for their contributions
  • By the distribution of revenues received by the organization (sponsorships, grants and donations)

Those revenues exceeding the maintenance costs of the platform will be distributed meritocratically among those actors who have contributed to the community. This distribution will be done in a decentralized way (Blockchain) according the community reputation obtained by each actor/user compared with others.


Wish list of collaborators


We will welcome all those entities, organizations or individuals who want to contribute to enabling art as a common good through the construction of an empowering web platform. Our task is to join as many forces as possible, facilitate collaboration and make our best to align the interests of all collaborators involved.


Institutions, entities and various kinds of organizations (MediaLabs, University Departments, Art and Cultural Centers, Foundations, etc). Forms of collaboration:

  • Financial support
  • Media support, dissemination of the project, etc
  • Providing an environment where we can work with other specialists in an enriching way
  • Facilitating collaborators with different backgrounds (development, design, management, marketing).


Organizations or groups of specialists who want to collaborate in any of the various phases of the project.


People who wants to build a project whose mission is to empower a social, critic and collective art.


Would you like to collaborate?


If you think you can contribute for building, funding or disseminating Ampliative Art project, do not hesitate to contact us:


We will be very grateful to collaborate with you